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9- EchoFab Fablab Artist In Residence Day Nine…Get Drawing!…

Today, I got the ant and bee prints to a level that I was happy with. I have also printed out a ‘net’ pattern of the final structure to test the shape over the weekend. I am also going to try to use it as a test to add Arduino interactive elements. Today, I really needed to pick up a pen and draw to start finding ‘fluid’ energy lines for the final composition that will be etched on the perspex
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8- EchoFab Fablab Artist In Residence Day Eight…Fluid Streets…

Today was a day to spend away from the workshop. I wanted to get inspiration for the ‘fluid’ composition that will be etched onto the perspex element of the final artwork using the laser cutter. As the fluid lines are to evoke the movement in the city, I decided to spend some time walking around outside the apartment I am staying at the moment. I took some photos, sketched. I will use this outside stimulu
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Visite d’étudiants du Business School de l’Université Coventry

Nous avons accueilli une délégation d’étudiantes et d’étudiants du Business school de l’Université Coventry (Angleterre) en visite avec l’Université McGill dans le Quartier de l’innovation de Montréal.
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glowing light

7- EchoFab Fablab Artist In Residence Day Seven…

Today a development video. Some photos of the shapes and lights I am playing with. In the video you see the form that I have evolved. For me, evolving a form is only finished when the art-piece is over. I have developed the overall shape I want in 3ds Max as in the video but this shape will change as I construct it in real life. Also, in one of the photos you can see that one of the legs when printing the ant broke o
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Visite de Diane De Courcy de Je fais Montréal

Nous avons eu la visite de Mme Diane De Courcy, responsable du Bureau de suivi de Je fais Montréal. Je fais Montréal traduit la volonté des acteurs du développement de la métropole qui se sont engagés à faire de la relance de Montréal une priorité collective. Concrètement, il s’agit de soutenir et de faciliter la réalisation des 180 engagements pris par des leaders montréalais de tous horizons à l’événeme
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edge light sketch

6 – EchoFab Fablab Artist In Residence Day Six…

Today, I managed to solder a ‘Miniduino’, an Arduino clone that I won over the weekend! Marc told me that makers can often save a lot of money by buying non-soldered kits, this is a good thing to remember as electrical soldering although takes some concentration is not rocket science so most people should be able to do it. Tomorrow, I will start to develop the form of the final piece. Today, I wanted to i
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5 – EchoFab Fablab Artist In Residence Day Five…

Day 5 is Friday. All over the world people get ready to enjoy the weekend. With this general ambience around the lab, I proceeded to develop the sculptural forms that were in my mind and on flat ideas sketches. This is where things come to life, where 2d becomes 3d in reality. Today was also a big day of experimentation with the 3d printer. I managed to print some people from 3dsMax, there were some artifacts. When I
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4 – EchoFab Fablab Artist In Residence Day Four…

After the first three days, I used today to develop ideas for the final art-piece. In my artwork as some of you may know www.jamesabellart.com , I am interested in mixing fluid ‘energy’ lines with monolithic ‘architectonic’ forms. I want to make a sculptural form that expands on these ideas exploiting the technology available to me at the EchoFab Fablab. Have a look at the development ideas he
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3 – EchoFab Fablab Artist In Residence Day Three…

      Today I embarked upon learning the Arduino. I thought, should I do this? Will it take me down roads that will take me away from creative artworks. Speaking to other Arduino users in the Fablab, I soon realised that this tool can be used for rapid prototyping of interactive artworks. I want to use it at this level so I decided that yes I have time to learn and incorporate it into the artwork I am
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